Name Of Kitchen Utensils In Igbo Language


There are several languages spoken around the world. Learning a new language is an asset as you can never tell when it will come handy.


If you love learning New Language, then welcome to todays lesson. You will learn the names of kitchen utensils in igbo language. By the way, igbo language is an African language spoken in Nigeria.


I have written post on how to greet in igbo language and body parts in igbo language check them out If you haven’t read it.


There are different dialects in igbo as mentioned by one of my readers in the comment section but the fact remains that regardless of the dialect any igbo person will still understand what you are saying.

Today you will learn how to mention some items in the kitchen. Lets go!

Pot: Ite


Knife: Nma

Plate: Afele

Kettle :Ketulu

Fridge : igwe nju oyi

Gas cooker: ihe na-esi nri gas

Fry pan: ighe pan

I hope you have learned something new today. Is there any item i missed? Let me know in the comment section.


7 Replies to “Name Of Kitchen Utensils In Igbo Language

  1. One think i dislike about the igbo people i have interacted with is that most of them doesnt like speaking their language even if they know you understand it so i dont know maybe they are not proud of the language.

  2. Oh my days! You can’t believe that despite being an igbo i dont know what they call fridge. Most people normally call it fridge. Hardly have i heard anyone call it by its igbo name.

  3. Igbanika nwannem nkem ma_na ofolo ihe ufodi
    Dika ,bekee :Igbo
    Roober basket:nyo
    Turning spoon:eku

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