How To Safeguard Your Child From Being Molested

How To Safeguard your child from molestation

Protecting a child should be your topmost piority as a parents knowing that  your child is in a vulnerable age and hardly knows right from wrong.


Protecting your child should be paramount to you and this should be  at all times. This protection includes truly knowing those you entrust your child to especially when you are not around.

Don’t just entrust your child to anyone because of time constraint. Do all necessary background check of whoever you want to entrust your child with.


There is nothing like being over protective as your child is vulnerable and any in appropriate touch might affect the child psychologically when he/she becomes an adult. Hence, ensure you communicate about inappropriate touching with your child care provider and also ensure you install cctv in your home to monitor what goes on when you are not around.

Most importantly teach your child about parts of their body with emphasis on the private part. Let your child know that no one had the right to touch them there and they should speak to you if it ever happens. Teaching your child about this early enough its very important. Don’t shy away from discussing about this or postponing it as a stitch in time saves nine.

Another think to take note of is letting your child know that the rule applies not only to outsiders but also to family members be it uncles and aunts. Let your child know that inappropriate touching is not allowed by anyone, whether they are family members or family friend.

Furthermore, Never keep quiet when you are uncomfortable with how a friend or family member is touching your child because you don’t want to be called names. For instance,  If an uncle should request that  your daughter sits on his lap and then stylish shifts her to his pr**ck area, speak up immediately as a parent. Don’t please friends and family to the detriment of your child. Remember it is your duty and obligation to protect your child.

More so, Build your child’s confidence in you so your child can talk to you when any inappropriate touch takes place. Don’t be too busy to listen. If you constantly push your child away, scream and shout at the child it would be difficult for the child to speak to you which might lead to your child being molested without your knowledge.

Finally, take up any inappropriate touch reported by your child, dont ever ignore such report otherwise next time the child won’t talk to you but rather suffer in silence.

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9 Replies to “How To Safeguard Your Child From Being Molested

  1. Trust me i dont tolerate any indency towards my child from anyone and this has made my children to be on the alert themselves

  2. My neighbour is guilty of this she barely spends time with her children. Throughout the week she goes to work and weekends she is attending one party or the other. Recently i noticed something but i don’t know if i should call her attention to it because i dont know what her reaction will be.

    1. I will advice you to tell her atleast you will know you have done the right thing. If you dont inform your neighbour and something bad later happens, you will blame yourself for not speaking. So pls tell her that is the right thing to do.

  3. Some time ago during our office children’s end of the year party, i noticed the child of one of my colleague trying to touch another child, i tried calling my colleagues attention to this, that someone might have been doing something to her child, you need to see how she churned me. I wished i mind my business.

    1. Don’t ever blame yourself for doing the right thing. It only shows the kind of parent your colleague is. Don’t bother about her reaction.

  4. I believe its only parents who are money conscious that will not underdtand the importance of looking out for their children. There is just so much emphasis on wealth this days that parents neglect their duties. So sad

  5. There are so many abnormal people today. Looking at them you will think you can trust them but inside they are just filthy. My take on this is trust no one always be on the alert whether they have a clean background check or not.

  6. A friend of mine barely discuss such issue with her children as she always say they are still young. I have tried to convince her severally that the earlier the better but to no avail. It is unfortunate that some parents still makes this mistake believing their child is stiil young to discuss such issue until the wrong people take advantage of the child.

  7. Initially when i read this post, i felt this is common sense any parent should know this but after reading other comments i knew i was wrong. Such parents should be reported for neglecting their child.

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