WAEC No Longer Required By WES For Nigerian Post Secondary Credentials

Waec not required for wes

WES which is an acronym for World Education Services is used by people with foreign credentials to evaluate their crdentials either for immigration or employment purpose.


Prior to this time as part of the evaluation requirement WES requested that every Nigerian candidate MUST provide their WAEC certificate which is a high school result in Nigeria.


This requirement has seen Nigerians parting with at least $100 to get this Certificate across to WES not to mention the stress and process involved in processing and collecting the certificate from WAEC office in Nigeria.


Nigerians can now breathe a sigh of relief as WES announced on September 27 2019 that Nigerians would no longer need secondary study (WAEC) to evaluate Nigerian post secondary credentials.

Even if you applied for your credentials to be evaluated before September 27 2019, you do not need to provide a high school result. Hence, regardless of when you applied to WES, you can rest easy knowing you don’t need to provide your waec result for your credentials evaluation.

However, if you have already sent your high school result (WAEC) to WES and want it ( secondary study) to reflect in your report then you should contact their customer service team through their contact form on their website.


6 Replies to “WAEC No Longer Required By WES For Nigerian Post Secondary Credentials

  1. This indeed is a very big relief, this is why i have kept my evaluation on hold since, walahi i’ve got no energy for the waec stress.

  2. This is indeed a goodnews. Finally. Really i dont even understand why they ask for that in the first place and they singled out only nigerians. At least finally they’ve come to their sense.

  3. I hope they wont bring it back because when my brother did his own it was not a requirement before they introduced it.i hope it stays this way.

    1. I dont think they will reintroduce it. I heard they were taken up by someone on bbb.org and that was why they revised the requirement and stopped.

  4. This information is quite helpful. I was just arguing with someone about this yesterday. This will be my proof to convince the doubting thomas.

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