Woman Refuse To Pay For Food At AppleBees Because Of R.Kelly’s Song


A Twitter user called Kenyette has set twitter on fire with her tweet. She tweeted that she refused to pay for a meal at Applebees! Her reason wad that she was disrespected as she requested for the R. Kelly’s music to be turned off while she dined but to no avail.

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According to her, sh e ordered her meal ate it and all the while the music kept playing. She also said a staff was even dancing. She was unhappy at the way the management handled the whole issue and how she was treated. Hence, she put her foot down that she was not going to pay for the bill which led the management to call the police.

She went further to claim that she is a proponent to fair labour and so she tipped the server because she served her well. Was she right to refused to pay?

Well, this has met mixed reactions! But most people felt she was wrong that she should have just walked out of the restaurant since she was not comfortable with the music rather than dining and then refuse to pay.

So what’s your thought? do you agree that she is right not to pay or do think the restaurant deserve to collect their payment for their meal despite making their customer uncomfortable during her short stay. Leave your comment below!


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