How To Deal With Your Husband’s Mistress


Marital infidelity has become a phenomenon that is bent on destroying the marriage institution and it doesn’t seems to be going away anytime soon! Unfortunately you may be confronted with this at a point in your marriage, how should you handle it?

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Perhaps you are going through it at the moment and you are wondering what to do and you are confused whether to confront your husband’s girlfriend especially if you know who and where she stays. If you are reading this am sure you are seeking for the right thing to do!

You are not alone! A lot of women have passed through this and so it’s not new within the marriage institution. I do understand how sad and betrayed you feel and how you feel like dealing with the other woman who is causing you this pain.

First ask yourself what you intend to achieve by confronting the other woman, would it stop your husband from being unfaithful. If you are able to stop her from having an affair with your man, would your man come back to you 100%?

Ask yourself the above thought provoking question and more before embarking on the confrontation journey. Would confronting your husband’s girlfriend resolve the issue or complicate it?

Remember the issue at hand is infidelity and not really the other woman, if you do not attack the issue from the root then you might just be wasting your energy in a fruitless journey.

The truth is confronting the other woman would not stop your husband from cheating, even if he ends the relationship with her it doesn’t stop him from jumping to another woman. Hence regardless of how pained you may feel at the moment, the other woman is definitely not the problem but your husband.

Yes! your husband is the problem not the other woman, so rather than wasting your strength on her instead have a heart to heart dialogue with your husband. I know this won’t be easy but that is definitely the right thing to do.

Let him know how you feel about his infidelity and how it affects you. Find out if there is anything you can do to help, so he can become faithful and a better husband. If he is willing to change good but if he is not, then it’s up to you to decide whether to continue with him or to quit.

Perhaps you both can go see a marriage counselor if he accepts so you can receive help in working out your relationship. if he is not being remorseful nor sincere about his infidelity and blames you for it then it is better you start reconsidering your marriage with him.

If you can endure it, then hold on, keep being a good wife, someday he may realize his mistake and turn a new leaf. Remember that if he is not remorseful not ready to change, confronting his girlfriend will not make any difference instead it might worsen the situation.

Most importantly continue being a good wife to him if you decide to still stay with him despite his infidelity. Even though it is never your fault for him being unfaithful but as difficult as it may be do not give him a reason to justify his unjustifiable attitude of infidelity by being unloving towards him.

Your friends might advice you to go confront the other woman, perhaps even beat her up, that you are being a coward by letting another woman trample on your right.

This isn’t true! You are not a coward. Even if this work for some people, most times it never resolves the issue as that would never stop your husband from being unfaithful.

In conclusion, it is not advisable nor wise to confront your husband’s girlfriend rather resolve the issue with your husband because if he is faithful there would never be any other woman.


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