The Real Reason Why Cassie And Diddy Broke Up

Why Diddy breakup with Cassie

It is no longer news that Cassie and Diddy are no longer together. After 11 whole years the love birds had decided to part way.  Wait a minute did you say 11 years? Yes you read it right and the internet isn’t having any of it-talk about a heartbreak that touches the heart💔😳.


The internet has been buzzing with the news about their breakup. More surprisingly  is the fact that everyone suddenly becomes a judge 👩‍⚖️ in this matter. Everyone seems to have an input, oh Cassie! seriously 😳 I wonder how she’s taking all of these! you know that feeling when suddenly it feels like everyone has the right to talk about your relationship, they believe they know everything when they barely have an idea of what is going on!

Why Diddy breakup with Cassie


My friends have been asking me my take on this and especially on a lady dating a guy for 11 years without no ring on her finger, well not only my friends are asking this as most people have  questioned why she can be in a relationship for 11 years with no ring on her finger. Really? Like seriously 😒 what has a ring stopped from happening. The last I checked couples who have rings on their finger still got the label “Divorce”

Despite all the blah blah being said on the internet, one thing is sure that they are both adults who knows what is best for them and no one can know a relationship better than the 2 people involved. Hence all I can say is that I wish them the best as they both become single ready to mingle!

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5 Replies to “The Real Reason Why Cassie And Diddy Broke Up

  1. I believe there is something we do not know because I don’t think any lady would be so comfortable dating a guy without no true commitment is either the guy has alway sweet talked her each time she asked for this. What a total waste of time.

  2. Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. Since there was no kid between them and they didn’t tie the knot, this ought to have been expected. I guess people are only shocked because they didn’t see this coming and it took so long to happen.

  3. In my opinion I think it’s a lesson for ladies out there, define your relationship and get solid commitment don’t let no man waste your precious years.

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