Should You Trust Easily ?



Trust means to rely on someone and believe that person would lookout for your interest and not betray you. It is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone. It can also be described has confidence bestowed on a person.

For some people they find it very easy to trust people and can be easily sweet talked by them while for others it takes time for them to trust anyone, Infact you have to earn it before they can trust you. Which category do you belong to? 


Why I shouldn’t trust people

A lot of people have  gotten into near death situations because of trusting easily while some has lost great opportunities due to not trusting easily, with this kind of situations you might be left wondering what is the best? Is it to trust easily or to take ones time before trusting.

Personally I am someone who hardly trust people or take their words for it without cross checking it carefully. Life experiences has taught me not to trust easily but this might not be the same for you but at the end it is better to be careful than be sorry!

The honest reality is that it is difficult to find someone who truly looks out for your interest, most people this days are MEFIRST – they tend to be more interested in themselves and what we benefit them. They pretend they can be trusted but this is just to seek their own interest.

It is  better to let people earn your Trust. Before you trust anyone, How long have you known this individual, what’s the person’s character, has the person’s character been consistent?

Never allow yourself to be deceived by appearance, pious demeanor or sweet talks. Especially when you are entrusting someone with the care of your kids, you should ensure the individual is trustworthy.

Social media is another place to watch out for, it is true that few have met their life partners, met successful business partners through this medium but most have been scammed or met their  death through this medium, simply because they easily trusted someone they met online.

Trust is extremely expensive and shouldn’t  be given  to anyone easily except they earn it, this can save you so much trouble in the future. Be on the watch out when an offer seems too good to be true, don’t easily accept it nor trust it because of the demeanor of the person offering it, always check it out!

Don’t also get upset when someone does not easily trust you rather show that you are trustworthy and earn it! Don’t expect to be trusted easily. 

Trust is extremely essential in relationships and as such you must be ready to prove that you are trustworthy so you can earn it!

In whatever relationship you find yourself, be it formal or informal let people earn your trust, never give it away so easily as you would  save yourself from so much heartache or even death!

Never trust easily as the benefits of taking your time to trust definitely surpasses trusting easily. Don’t take people for their words, always check it out and hold on to what is true.

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