How To Help New Moms Avoid Postnatal Depression

How to cope with being a new mom
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Being a mom can be exciting especially if it’s your first time but sometimes most first time moms are ironically not prepared for the stress of motherhood. 

Motherhood is joyful but very stressful and new moms need to be mentally prepared to face the challenges that come with motherhood otherwise they might slip into depression and get frustrated.


To help new moms handle the challenge of motherhood successfully, husbands should be ready and willing to assist, from changing the diapers, staying up at night, baby sitting and much more!

Most times some husbands make the mistake of believing it is the duty of the mom to perform all this duties for the newborn forgetting that it took the effort of both of you to produce the baby and as such caring for the baby shouldn’t be left just for the mom.

Caring for a newborn can be so overwhelming that a new mom can start feeling caged or having a feeling that her life have been taken away by the baby and that she no longer has a life neither does she have time for yourself. Such feelings can lead to depression, to avoid this it is very important that  the new mom should get a help, this can be a relative, a friend or anyone close to her, to help out especially in the first six months to one year so that she can  take out time for herself to relax.

There is also a need for effective communication and understanding between the new mom and her husband. A New mom should always communicate her challenges to her husband and discuss areas where his input would be needed to lessen the burden on her. Never assume that asking your spouse to help out doesn’t make you a good mother, likewise husband’s shouldn’t  assume that it is the sole responsibility of the new mom to care for the newborn.

It is also very important for you as a husband to continuously make out time for the new mom and not concentrate all your attention on the baby as this might arouse a feeling of jealousy  as the new mom might feel that the baby is usurping the attention she gets from you and coupled with the stress of caring for the baby this might lead to depression. So be wise enough to balance both the love and attention between the new mom and the newborn.

In conclusion even though motherhood is exciting it is very tough especially for first timers and as such friends and relative including the husband should provide all help necessary to lessen the burden on the new mom and the husband should also remember that the birth of a child doesn’t mean the new mom should be neglected and all the love and attention diverted to the newborn.

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