How A Father Can Show He Truly Love His Kid

Dad and child taking a walk

A man once planted a mango tree in his compound, he told all his friends how much he loved mangoes. During the mango season he would pluck mangoes and his friends would come around to have some.

One day his friend noticed that he doesn’t take care of the mango tree, infact he used to pour a chemical on the tree which could  kill the tree. His friend said to him: you claim to like mango so much but yet doesn’t care for the source. It didn’t just make sense! His friend couldn’t  agree with him that he really love mangoes so much as he claims if he doesn’t cherish the source, otherwise how would he continue to get mangoes.

Can you relate that scenario  to your life? Today a lot of fathers care so much for their kids, they cherish, love, buy them gifts, take them out and do much more to put a smile on the face of their kids but same cannot be said for the source of the kids. Ask yourself when last did you do exactly the same for your spouse?

Remember, the best love you can show to your kids is loving their mother! You can’t claim you love your kids if you do not love, care and cherish their source, you will only be like that man who said he loves mangoes but yet harms the source of the mango. Do you think he really loves mangoes? Obviously not! Otherwise he would have realize that the source of the mango is as important as the mango if not more important.

Do not relinquish all of your love to your kids and leave your wife looking like a rival to the kids! There must be a balance, equate the love. Love your spouse as much as you love your kids. This is not merely by saying “ I love you” show it in action, same way you show it to the kids.

Compliment her, women love compliments. Take her out, buy her gifts-it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive but something worth it. Eat out at least once in a while and take the burden of cooking off her.

What of a date? When last did you have a date with her? Or you feel she is too old for that because she has kids for you? That is a wrong assumption! Make out time for her and nourish the love you have for her.

Remember if you take good care of the source, it will tell on the fruit. When you love and care for your wife the way you should, it will not only show how much you really love your kids but it will also reflect on the kids.

If you neglect your wife and mother of your kids and instead make her starve of your love and affection, then it means you do not in any way truly love your kids but only claim you do!


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