How To Use Assistive Touch On iPhone

How to use Assistive Touch On iPhone

Have you ever come across Assistive Touch on iPhone setting and you are wondering what it is meant for? Most times when you Purchase a phone, it is always difficult to get around and know what each feature does and most often people are satisfied once their basic needs are met, they do not worry about other features or reading the entire manual.

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Most times it is good to explore and understand the other features on your phone as it may come handy when you least expect it! Sometimes you might end up paying for a repair that you could easily have done by yourself. Make out time to always explore your phone and you will be amazed by the things you will discover your phone can do.

Assistive Touch On iPhone is very helpful especially for iPhone series that has Home Button. This days kids will barely allow you use your phone without them taking it to play games and often than not the phone will drop from them and the home button might stop working. Whatever the reason why the Home Button has stopped working, the Assistive Touch comes in handy as a saving grace till you are ready to repair the Home Button.

If you are comfortable with it just like me, you can as well continue using it without bothering about the Home Button. To Turn it on go to General>>>>Accessibility and then you will see Assistive Touch, turn it on. Once turned on, a button that looks like the Home Button will appear on your screen, when you click it on it you will see the Home Button.

You can reduce the opacity of the Assistive Touch Button if it’s blocking your view on the phone especially when it is not in use so it can become less visible or you can also increase its opacity so you can easily view it on your screen. You can do this by clicking General >>>>Accessibility >>>Assistive Touch >>>Idle Opacity

How to use idle opacity on iPhone

To make the Assistive Touch Button as helpful as possible and get quick access to icons on your iPhone, you can create a shortcut and add the needed icons to Assistive Touch Button so that when you click on Assistive Touch Button you can view them at a glance. You can do this by going to settings on your phone, click on General >>>>Accessibility>>>>Assistive Touch >>>> Customize Top Level Menu.

What is customize top level menu on iPhone


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