What It Means To Be A Submissive Wife

Marriage is the union of two different individuals from different background who comes together to become one. They provide companionship for each other, they find joy and happiness in each other and provide a shoulder for each other to lean on during turbulent times.


Just like every organization where there is a organogram to aid the smooth running of the organization same applies to marriage. In order for there to be stability and less conflict in marriage the man is the head of the marriage, he is to take the lead while the woman follows by being submissive.

Obviously a vehicle with two drivers competing for the steering is bound to crash. Hence, a marriage where the woman is not submissive and competes for  the head of the family with the man is bound to collapse. So What does being submissive as a woman really mean and involve? To what extent should a woman be submissive ?


Being submissive in marriage as a woman means supporting your husband in the running of the home. Supporting his decisions and if you don’t agree with his decisions instead of doing things your own way, reason with him and reach an agreement with him. It is wrong to run the home with each person doing is own thing.

Avoid competing with your husband, either financially or in decision-making, don’t make the home unwelcoming for him,remember you are his better half. Whatever happens the kids are watching,this might influence them negatively as adult.

Be his helper, support him emotionally, financially, spiritually and otherwise. Don’t make it difficult for him to take the lead by always rudely questioning his decisions and bluntly refusing to follow his decision and making your own rules. Remember it is the creator that made him the head over you, refusing to accept his lead is refusing to accept the creator’s lead.

Agreed it is easier being submissive to a husband  who loves and respect you, a husband who keeps to his marriage vows but know that the best way to sort out your differences when you do not agree to his decision is to discuss about it rather than throwing a tantrum and being rude.

Dear friend, if you are already a submissive wife who listens, obey and follow the lead of your husband, I say well done to you! As you continue in being submissive to your husband always remember to know where to draw the line. Submissiveness does not mean stupidity. You should know when to speak up and stand for what is right, doing it lovingly and respectfully.

Being submissive does not mean following your husband lead sheepishly or doing things that you know is wrong either morally or spiritually just because you do not want to disobey him. Submissiveness goes along with wisdom. If he is telling you to do what is wrong, speak out and reason with him. Don’t take stupidity for submissiveness.

For instance you are aware your husband has sexual infection and he wants to have intimacy without protection, would you submit yourself in the name of being submissive? Or he wants you to take his side when he is fighting with his family when you know he is in the wrong, would you support him? A wise woman builds relationships and not destroy it.

Submissiveness does not mean enduring domestic violence and keeping quiet. Submissiveness does not mean not having a voice, it doesn’t mean not being able to voice your opinion. You are a human being and therefore should be able to speak out if you do not like what your husband does or how he treats you. Being submissive doesn’t mean accepting everything thrown at you by your husband.

Don’t become a doormat in the name of being submissive as submissiveness does not equate foolishness. Know when to draw the line.Being submissive does not meaning losing your self-worth. Being submissive does not mean accepting to be treated as a glorified house-help in your home, being treated as a baby factory, Laundry woman and cook.

Speak out but lovingly and respectfully knowing your husband is the head of the home. How would you talk to your boss in the office when you have a different view on a decision, rudely or politely? Same applies in your home. Air your views, make suggestions and explain why you do not agree with his decisions.

If you are afraid to bare your mind in your relationship then obviously the foundation of your relationship is very faulty, that isn’t being submissive. Being submissive doesn’t mean you are a slave, hence don’t accept to be treated as one.

Remember, Speaking up does not mean you should challenge the headship of your husband, these are two different things. Speaking up means airing your opinions and differences politely and respectfully while Challenging his authority means rudely and bluntly refusing to support his decisions without no tangible reason.

Remember that the success of your marriage lies in the hands of you both, therefore make it easy for your husband to lead while you husband shouldn’t be domineering and unreasonable in order not to make it difficult for your wife to follow your lead.


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