How To Show Love To Your Child

A Child is the most precious gift any parent is blessed with, children are just so precious! Sometimes I wonder what my life would be without my kids, honestly I don’t even want to imagine it.

Kids are just fun to be with, their innocence sometimes makes me feel like crying. They are so innocent and have a free mind, they fight themselves and make up the next minute.

kids sometimes bring back memories of childhood, it happens to me sometimes, have you ever felt the same way? They are just too precious to be ignored. Unfortunately some kids are ignored, they are not given the attention and love they deserve.

When last did you spend quality time with your child? When last did you have a heart to heart talk with your child? Do you know what is going on in his or her life?

Sometimes because of daily struggle to make ends meet, you discover you barely have time for your child, rather you leave your child at the mercy of the nanny who sometimes can make the life of your child a living hell.

Remember it is your responsibility and obligation to love and care for your child and this responsibility can not be delegated regardless of how busy you may be.

Your Child Regardless of his or her age knows whether you cherish him or her. Kids are able to sense if they are getting the deserved attention from their parents or if they are  being neglected.

I want you to know that quality time spent with your child goes a long way to affect him or her in the future. The more time you spend with your child, care and show him or her love the better adult the child would become.

A child that has been neglected over the years grows up with anger and bitterness in his or her mind and it might take a long time to get the child out of this in his or her adult life.

Toys and gifts are good to be provided for the child but none can ever take the place of you! Your love and time spent teaching, training and playing with your child can never be compared to any toy or gift.

Be there for your child when he or she needs you, talk with your child and know what is going on in his or her life, find out what is happening in the school, what is going on at home, talk about his or her friends. Basically be part of your child’s life! Don’t let your job or career usurp your role in your child’s life.

Remember that whatever you sow in your child’s life today it’s what you will reap tomorrow. Your child is your future and if you want a bright future for yourself then spend quality time with your child, teach, train, cherish, care and love your child. That is the best gift and love you can give your child.



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