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I received a complimentary pack of green coffee bean extract capsule from Naturalmuch. Naturalmuch is a website that offer free health supplements for popular brands. They give free trial sample of health supplements such as Accai berry,Apple cider, and much more.


Before I received this pack I have heard quite a lot about green coffee but I haven’t used it. Also I was mostly aware of the green coffee tea and green tea but not the green coffee capsule.  Personally I love taking coffee for mental alertness but recently I had to drastically reduce my coffee intake.


I replaced my coffee intake with tea, which I felt much better with as it was more relaxing and didn’t come with the jittering that sometimes occurs with coffee. So when I received the green coffee capsule from naturalmuch I really didn’t know what to expect.



FIrst I like the fact that it was in a capsule form which made it very easy for me to take unlike the other type of green coffee tea I know that either has to be grind or boiled before use. So I love the ease of using the capsule. I had to use it for at least a week to be sure of how it works before writing this.

I noticed that when I started using it , my fatigue vanished. I had more strength to do the things I love for instance like working out. It gave me the needed energy to work out.

It helped control my appetite, making me not to eat much and of course since I didn’t eat much and also did workout, I did noticed I lost 1kg in my first week of using it.

Naturalmuch health supplements green coffee capsule

I made sure I took the capsule in the morning because it keeps me alert, so it helped keep me  mental alert throughout the day. Hence, I can think clearly. Good enough it didn’t give me that jittering that comes with coffee.

It’s better to take the green coffee capsule in the morning because i noticed that once I took it towards the evening I stayed awake all night. So it’s better to take the green coffee capsule in the morning except you actually need to stay awake at night.


I like the green tea coffee and how it helped me get through the day so easily by making me to be mentally alert, energize me and also helped me to lose a kilo of my body weight.

You can get free sample of health supplement at and if you need more information regarding the supplements you can reach out to them via email at or on their Facebook page.

Make sure to always consult with your physician before taking any health supplement to be sure it is suitable for you.


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