Why Every Home Needs Cujo Smart Firewall

I was excited when I received Cujo smart firewall from Bestbuy for free  to try it out, you’ve got to see the excitement on my face. Just imagine living in a house without no protection, no doors and no windows and all of a sudden someone provides this for you in order to protect you, how would you feel? You’ll be excited isn’t it?

Business-level internet security with Cujo smart firewall


Everyday you protect your house from intruders, you have burglary, you have doors and windows and you always make sure you close this to protect yourself but do you know that there is yet another door that you ought to close but you leave it open. This is your home network.

Just as you protect your home by making sure all doors and windows are closed the same way you need to protect your home internet network to make it impossible for hackers to intrude. How can you properly do this?

By getting Cujo Smart Firewall for your home. CUJO is a smart firewall for the connected home, it is designed to bring business-level security to the home network. This one device will secure all devices connecting to the WiFi router. CUJO detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. Think of it like antivirus for your entire network. Plus, CUJO lets you control what your kids access online and keep them safe.


First Cujo smart firewall gave me the peace of mind I have always wanted, it helped protect me from malicious site. I noticed that it was proactive as it studied my internet network to be able to understand it and after that blocks anything that does not seem normal or right.

It then alerts me, it was now left to me to either unblock it or leave it blocked.I did get few of those alerts which made me know Cujo was providing me with the protection I needed.  This brings me to one of the important features of Cujo Smart Firewall which is it provides business-level internet security for your home network.

Secondly, it protected all the device I had at home that is connected to the wifi. So it’s not just the device you are using that is protected but all the device at home which is connected to the wifi, be it your phone, tablet, iPad, game console,laptop and much more!  Hence, Cujo smart Firewall guards all devices.

Thirdly i was able to control what my kids had access to online.  I must say that this is the feature I love most about Cujo smart firewall. Cujo smart firewall provided me parental controls. As a mom I have always been concerned about how to monitor what the kids access online  in order to protect them and keep them safe.

I remembered discussing with my husband  about how we can monitor what the kids are doing online  and we were yet to find a way around it when I received Cujo smart firewall. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered I can actually monitor and control what my kids have access to on the internet.

Since the parental controls is for all devices, what I did was to filter what they could access and I also placed a time limit, which limit the time they could spend on the web. Another feature I loved in the parental control is social media monitoring but since my kids were not yet on social media I couldn’t use this feature for them.

What I did was to try out this feature on my social media account and wow! It was such a great feature which I Advice every parent to use. You never can know what your children are up to on socials till you use this feature. If you are a parent reading this find below the list of what you can do with the parental control features.

1. You can control all  your children devices.
2. You can filter what they access on the internet
3. You can monitor their social media
4. You can pause the internet – this feature is especially important when you think the kids need to do something else.
5. You get alerts and report
6. You can access it remotely as it has remote administration.
7. Finally you can set up user profiles.

Another feature I love is the digital eyes with it you know if everything is okay. Through its look such as happy look or sad look you can detect at a  glance whether everything is okay or if a threat has been detected.



Once you have connected Cujo smart firewall to the wifi router and set it up which is very easy, you can control it with the app. The setup shouldn’t take more than five- ten minutes, after that  you download the Cujo app which you would use to control it. This makes it very easy to use, with the app you can do all you want. This is convenience at its best!

Finally another great feature of Cujo smart firewall is the blazing speed! When I connected Cujo smart firewall to my wifi, I noticed my internet was blazing fast, Streaming was fast and websites opened extremely fast. This is because Cujo smart Firewall is built with 1Gb Ethernet there is never a slow moment with it!

Cujo smart firewall with free subscription is available at Bestbuy, go get one now! This is the best protection you can give your home network.



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