Why You Should Be Humble


Humility is a modest or low view of one’s importance. How do you view yourself? How do you relate to others? Humility is a very precious virtue that every human should have but unfortunately it is lacking in many today.


There is a saying that ” pride comes before a fall” this is very true! A lot of people have lost opportunity or have fallen from grace simply because they are proud. Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself am I humble? Sometimes you might not even know you are not humble so it is always good to ask from people around you or people very close to you who would be honest with you.

Humility is a virtue that should be treasured, regardless of your status, learn to be humble. Humility draws people to you and make it easy for people to relate with you. It makes people around you take interest in you and most times watch out for you.Hardly would you come across any one who likes a proud person. Pride can only lead to your downfall. Hardly does anyone like a proud person.


A person’s  character or attitude  is difficult to hide, if you are humble or proud it only takes a second for the next person to perceive this, that is why they say first impression matters. To move forward in life you need to take things easy, don’t carry your head on your shoulder as if the world belongs to you, remember there is no assurance of you being alive the next minute, so take life easy and be respectful and polite towards everyone you come in contact with.

Life is vanity upon vanity, that thing which makes you think so highly of yourself can be gone within a minute. Is it your beauty that makes you feel that you are better than the next person? Remember your beauty will fade away some day or anything can happen such as an accident that might rob you of your beauty. Is it fame or wealth that has turned you into a proud peacock? Remember that even fame and wealth is never guaranteed as the only constant thing in life is change.

The people you look down upon today might be the cornerstone tomorrow. Don’t be an egotistical person, it only makes people to dislike and hate you. Worst still, no one will call your attention when you about jumping into a pit because you are arrogant. Treat people you come across politely, lovingly and respectfully regardless of your status.

Everyone is blessed with a talent, so no matter what you think of yourself there is something the next person possess that you don’t. When you are humble it makes it easy for people to approach you, correct you and put you on the right path. Being humble makes it easy for you to get help in times of need but if you are proud you would even find it difficult to seek for help and opportunities will pass you by.

Being humble does not make you a fool or a coward but it shows your strength, your level of maturity and your outlook to life. When people expect you to be proud because of your status and you are humble it says a whole lot about you and you are indirectly teaching others the importance of humility and making them know that life is vanity upon vanity.

You know only of today and not tomorrow, tomorrow is pregnant and you never know what it will bring forth. Remember the people you meet on your way up, you will still meet them on your way down so be careful! Do away with the spirit of pride, humble yourself so that you will be lifted up!

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5 Replies to “Why You Should Be Humble

  1. I love this post, I once had a nasty and arrogant boss but life humbled him when he was demoted, after that experience he became extremely humble. Some people only need life lessons to humble them.

  2. My childhood friend was extremely proud, oh my God all our friends couldn’t stand her except me. Unfortunately she never knew, I had to brace up the courage to tell her, she appreciated my honesty and she tried her best to be humble,she is still working on it.

    1. @sandra you did well by telling your friend, if it was me I wouldn’t be courageous to tell my friend because I don’t know how my friend would take it.

  3. I shared this with my sister in law, such an interesting and well written post. Though I feel that people take someone for granted if he or she is too humble. For instance in my office some of the people that are arrogant the boss minds how he talks to them but me that am so humble he talks to me any how

  4. I use to have this belief that it is the rich ones that are arrogant until I came across individuals which honestly had no reason to be arrogant but they just suck. Very proud for what I know not.

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