How To Find Joy In Your Marriage

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More than ever before the marriage institution is facing a turbulent time. There is high rate of divorce and couples are finding it difficult staying together with less friction. For some they are still married to each other for the sake of the children, they no longer find joy or companionship in their marriage, how sad! Marriage is meant to be enjoyed, it is supposed to be a place where you find true companionship, love, a shoulder to lean on regardless of your marital circumstance but this can’t be said for many couples today.


I feel very sad when I see couples who have been together for decades end their marriage and the kids struggling to come to terms with this. Sometimes being opened to each other in marriage can save your marriage. A lot of couples today are not open to each other and this gives room for a lot of issues to find their way into the marriage and destroy it. Being open to each other starts with regular and effective communication, how often do you and your partner talk about yourself, about your relationship? Most times couples talk about everything but not about themselves , they talk about the family finance, the kids, the kids education, vacation , job and so forth both not about themselves nor how to improve their relationship. Talk more about yourself and your relationship, be open about your personal issues and struggles with your spouse. Never hide or keep things from your spouse especially things that happen during your marriage.

I strongly believe that honesty is the only and best policy in marriage. Being open to each other requires honesty on the part of you both. Regardless of how bitter the truth is, always be open with your spouse and look for ways to immediately resolve the issues before it destroys your marriage. Can your spouse access your phone or social media platform without you fidgeting?  Can you comfortably exchange your phone with your spouse for a day, week or months? If your answer is yes then your relationship is on the right path but if your answer is no then you know you are building a relationship that can collapse at anytime.

Be determined to make your marriage work, remember how you fell in love with your spouse and the hardwork you have put in to your marriage to make it what it is today. Be honest and open to your spouse, communicate regularly and calmly resolve all the issues between you and your spouse and you will be on your way to building a successful marriage!


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