How To Know You Are Married To A Real Man

Marriage is a union of two individuals from different background who comes together to live as one. Though marriage has its benefit but the honest reality is that it is not easy to have a successful marriage and to achieve it each person has to be tolerance, understanding and most importantly loving. Today most especially in Africa it is believed that the success of a marriage depends on the woman but I beg to differ. I totally disagree that the success of a marriage is in the woman’s hand as the success of a marriage depends on both the husband and wife. The man infact has more to do to make the marriage successful as the head of the family. He is meant to take the lead while the wife follows, hence it can be said that the success of the marriage partially depends on him as he is the pilot of the marriage.

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Are you a husband? What can your wife say about being married to you? would it be a positive experience or a negative experience? Have you ever For once think about how your wife feels being married to you? These are foods for thought! Marriage is meant to be enjoyed, a union where your mate finds companionship, love and happiness, can your wife truly say she has found this by being married to you? Before you start finding fault with your wife have you ever taken a minute to check what you are not doing right that is probably making her to react the way she does?

A loving husband never has unrealistic expectations of his wife, never uses hurtful words on his wife, never blames all the marriage problems on his wife. He treasures his wife, he is kind and caring to her. When last did you help your wife with the house chores? Honestly there is nothing wrong in you helping out, it shows you care. There are some men that even if their wife is sick or pregnant they expect her to still do all the chores without helping, that is totally wrong!

Are you domineering? You act as the king and lord of the marriage. Your opinion is final and you order your wife around as if she was your slave or your personal property, you need to think again! She is your better half and deserved to be treated as such! Do you ever compliment her or let her know how important she is to you? You need to work as a team with your wife, find out what  causes conflict in your marriage and resolve it calmly. Until you start doing all this you are not a real man.

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