Barter A New Way Of Making International Payment

Use barter and pay in your local currency, no need to source for dollar to make payment

Are you from Kenya, Ghana or Nigeria? Here is goodnews for you! Making international payments online has been made easy by Barter. Barter is an online platform which allows you to request for a virtual card which can be funded in your local currency through your bank account or your local debit card. Why use Barter you may ask?


For instance in Nigeria, most Nigerians are finding it difficult to shop online on foreign websites or make international payment, this is as a result of the current recession in Nigeria which has brought about the  instability of the Nigerian currency Naira to dollar which has led to various CBN policies that has made most Nigerians bank to deactivate their  debit card from making international transactions and those banks who still allows their ATM card to do international transaction such as GTBank puts a restriction on the monthly limit you can spend. For instance GTB pegs their monthly limit on $100 which means if you have a transaction above that limit you need to source for dollar and pay it into your dollar MasterCard account to continue with your transaction, just imagine the stress of doing all that!  Also the naira MasterCard does not work on every website even if you are spending within the $100 limit. Presently  you can’t use your Gtb naira MasterCard on Paypal but you can use your dollar MasterCard. You can’t also use your card for WPCHRG ( WordPress payments-Jetpack). All these limitations has left Nigerians looking for a way to carry out international transactions without going through all these vigorous process and this is where Barter comes in.

With Barter there is no limit to the amount you can spend on international transaction neither do you need to source for dollar to make your international transactions, use your local currency to carry out international transaction. The virtual card you get works like a normal card and it’s accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard logo online. What is the fee associated with this you may ask? Well, for now there is no fee, just signup on their website and start using the service for free as they are still in their Beta stage.

If You experience any issues get in touch with their support as they are still in their Beta stage and it is expected that there might be little issues here and there. Also get in touch with them if your virtual card is declined at any site or if there is a chargeback on your card, all this will be sorted out promptly. What are you waiting for ? Start using Barter today and experience international payment freedom like never before.

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4 Replies to “Barter A New Way Of Making International Payment

  1. Is it possible to transfer the fund into the virtual card to an account? Because I am looking for such service

  2. I visited the site but I wish they can make it possible to fund the card with PayPal balance, they should look into doing that too.

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