How To Monetize Your Blog With Jetpack

WordPress Jetpack to provide security and backup

Years ago blogging was done by many just for fun or a way to keep a daily track of one’s activity, also some blogged those days just to be able to communicate their ideas to whoever that came across their blog. That has longed changed as today some have even quit their day job to concentrate fully on blogging. A lot of people today make a living through blogging and are able to pay their bills , how you may wonder?


Let’s face it blogging is not a get rich quick Scheme, it requires a lot of effort, dedication and hardwork to make a meaningful earning from blogging and sometimes it might even take years to achieve this but the goodnews is that it is achievable. There are many ways of making money from your blog, it could be through affiliate marketing where you promote other people’s product on your blog and you get paid for any purchase made by your website visitor. Another way of monetizing your blog is through CPC (cost per click) which means you are paid for every visitor that click on the banner on your site, you can also make money through CPM, which means you are paid per every one thousand impression. It means you earn every time when an advertiser’s banner on your site is viewed 1000 times, this kind of monetization requires that you have a huge traffic to your site otherwise it would be difficult to earn a reasonable income.


Automattic the owners of WordPress has given every WordPress user the opportunity to monetize their site by paying for Jetpack premium  which opens a new world of opportunities for you, with Jetpack premium you can easily insert videos on your blog post, get Askimet to protect your site from spam and get your site secured from malware and hackers, you also get your site backup. Once you are on Jetpack premium all you need to do is turn on the ad and that is it you start making money from your website.


To start monetizing your website with Jetpack click hereJetpack for WordPress backup and security


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