Why You Should Not Over Pamper Your Only Child

Children are a precious gift from God and sometimes when you are blessed probably with just one child,there is a tendency to over pamper the child.

Yesterday I was thinking about my cousin,he is the only child my aunt had,my aunt showered with him so much love and barely allowed him to stay out of her reach. I was just wondering how my aunt must be fairing now that he is married and has started his own family and live far away from my aunt. I was just wondering how both of them must be fairing.

I know it is very difficult not to over pamper an only child but remember that someday that child would start a family of his or her own,so how would him or her handle that new life if you have not allowed the child to pass through life. You need to guide the child through life,punish and flog the child when necessary ,correct his or her wrong doing,do not just over look real issues that ought to be dealt with just because him or her is an only child .

Nurture the child in such a way that the child will grow up to become an independent responsible adult. Don’t bring up a baby adult who does not even know his or her  left from right and can’t even make or take a single decision without depending on you. Dont bring up a dependent adult that will become a burden to his or her spouse or bring up a mummy’s pet.

Love your child but be firm and give discipline when necessary to avoid having a spoilt child.

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