Why You Should Leave Your Child In A Day Care Instead of With Househelp


Being a working mom it’s no easy task, I have been there and definitely it’s no easy task.It’s much easier being a mom that work from home,it gives you control over your time and most importantly gives you enough time to take care of your precious gifts- your children.


If you are a working mom,you probably will have to leave your child in care of someone while you go to work as you can’t take your child to work. The Big question now is who do you leave your child with? Should You call on a family member to stay with you and help you look after your child while you are away st work, do you get a househelp or do you use a day care. Sometimes this options might be confusing and you might not have so much time on your hand to think it thru but I will help you make the right decision through my personal experience.

It all started when I had my first child, I was a working mum and I had no option than to get someone to help me take care of my baby and the first option that came to my mind was getting a househelp. So I employed my first househelp. Since I knew her family members I was quite comfortable with her and gave her the best comfort I could provide. After a while I noticed we were always running out of foodstuff quickly which was quite strange but I didn’t really think so much of it as I will always replace it.


My husband was the first to become suspicious especially because within some months we ran out of 2bags of 50kg rice and it was just 3 of us in the house and before she came I and my hubby would hardly finish a bag of rice in a year. One day I fell sick at work and had to go home, as I was almost approaching the house I saw my househelp with a young guy outside the gate chatting with a nylon full of rice,immediately she sighted me she ran inside and I kept banging the gate before she came to open.

While inside a phone started ringing, I was surprised as that wasn’t my phone and I know she dosent have a phone, so I decided to trace where the phone was ringing only that find another guy he was hiding in the bathroom. Did I also tell you that I saw my baby crawling outside the compound when I came back,obviously when I go to work she invites all her boyfriends home and dosent take care of my child.

Next I decided to get a family member but the problem with a family member is that they will poke nose into your relationship with your spouse,Infact just bade goodbye to your privacy with a family member around and sometimes when you correct the person,they feel they are doing you a favor,so it was obvious that wasn’t a good option.

Finally I registered in a day care, I checked their facilities, interacted with the staffs and yes I knew that was what I really needed. Though not all day care is okay but look out for the good ones and when you find one it is definitely better than the two options above because they know they are providing you a service you pay for and there is more than one person there and so they can checkmate each other. They try their best in taking care of your child and you have peace of mind knowing your child is not all alone at home with a stranger called househelp who can hurt your child and run away.

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