Teach Your Child To Speak Out Against Any Form Of Harassment

Children are innocent and ignorant and must be taught from early age to speak out against any form of harassment, be it bully at the school,physical ,emotional or s3xual harrasment. Most kids are not taught the importance of speaking out against any form of harrasmement and because of this the harrasment goes on for a long time and create a long term consequence for the child.


Teach your child to report any form of harassment to you,tell your child to be courageous and not fearful in doing this otherwise if he or she keeps quiet he or she will suffer in silence while the perpetrator goes scort free.

Reporting is one thing and taking action is another,if after reporting you do nothing about it,I bet you that your child won’t tell you again when next he or she is harassed, afterall what’s the point of telling you when you would do nothing about it. Remember that part of your role as a parent is to protect your children, so do anything within your power to make sure that the harrasment stop and the perpetrator punished.


Build the confidence of your child and constantly ask your child if he or she is being harassed. The long term consequences of harassment can be disastrous so you must start from early age to educate your child about what harrasment is and what he or she should do when being harrased.  Educating your child early enough about harassment helps your child to know when he or she is being harassed without being confused whether it is harassment or not. Let your child know you are always available to protect him or her and that he or she can confide in you.

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