Should You listen To Your Parents or Your Spouse

Marriage is a beautiful thing, you have a lifetime companion who loves you dearly and share your dreams and aspiration with you. Before you got married, your parents were the closest people to you,they tell you what to do and what not to do.

When you are married, you are no longer under the guidance of your parents. You have left your parents and have become one with your partner. Your decisions are now based on mutual understanding with your spouse. Unfortunately sometimes your parents might not want to let go,they forget you are married and still wants to tell you what to do, you need to be extremely careful not to allow any conflict between your parents decision and your spouse.

Whatever decision you want to take,you must consider  your spouse opinion first before that of your parents. There is nothing wrong in listening to your parents afterall they gave birth to you and wants the best for you but the truth is that the day you left their house and started your new home,the power to decide for you was taken from them and given to your spouse and as such you must consider your spouse first before your parents.

Be wise and know how to balance the decision of your parents with that of your spouse without causing conflict between your spouse and your parents. Never make your parents feel their opinions are not needed or that their opinion is secondary. Build your home by maintaining peace between your parents and your spouse but always remember you have to listen to your spouse first before your parents.

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