Does Your Child Know the Importance of Praying Before Eating

The act of being thankful is a quality you must imbibe in your child. Showing gratitude is important in life especially in this time when many are unthankful. There is a saying that if you thank someone for what he has done he will be motivated to do more. Have you noticed that when you commend your child he or she wants to do more to get more commendation. Just as we all like being shown appreciation and gratitude, you must teach your child to show gratitude to the most important person in his life. Who is the person and how would your child show appreciation and gratitude?

The person is God, all good things come from him including the food your child is eating. You must teach your child the importance of being grateful to God for providing food for your household by thanking him through prayer before eating. Teach your child to always pray before eating. Always ask your child if he or she has prayed before eating, I always do this with my kids so if they have forgotten to pray they can quickly pray.

Let your child know it is wrong not to pray before eating,remind your child that there are those who cannot afford a meal a day but here he is about to eat not because he is so righteous but because of God’s grace and he has to thank him for that, also let him know that prayer before eating helps ward off any evil attack that might come from consuming the meal.

Praying before eating food must not be ignored and it is your duty as parent to teach your child this.

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