Why You Shouldn’t Use Abusive Words As Parents

Have you heard the phrase “there is power in the tongue” The words you say can either be upbuilding  to your child or either can tear your child down.  A kind word when spoken is soothing to the soul but the words of a senseless one is like a sharp blade to the soul.  As a parent you must be cautious of your word,be it the words you speak to your child or to people around you.

Do not let your child be the one to caution about your use of word. I have seen this happen where a child would be the one reminding the mom or dad that they are using the exact words they told them never to use. Anger is never an excuse for your use of abusive words. How would your child that the use of abusive words is wrong when he or she sees you using abusive words.

As a parent you must learn to have self-control,accepted there are times when you are pushed to the edge but resorting to the use of abusive words isn’t the solution as your child will simply form his or her decision regarding what is right or wrong through your actions.

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