How To React Towards Your Child In Moment of Rage

Kids will always be kid and often times they exhibit childish foolishness,how do you react at this moment? Do you become extremely angry to the extent of throwing anything within your reach at your child or do you even curse your child at this moment of rage .

There was an incident I watched in the news of a father who told her 13 years to do something but the girl was busy doing something else,the father was so angry that in this moment of rage without thinking twice the man threw a lighted stove at the daughter,it was when the daughter was on fire that he knew what he had done and started screaming for help,unfortunately the girl never survived. What a sad incident! The case was taken to court but no matter the result of the court case,the father would never forgive himself,imagine what a moment of rage has caused him.

You might be saying this can never happen to you,am sure this father would have said this say thing but most times reality is different from your beliefs. As parents you need to be extremely careful during moment of rage as this is the moment the devil uses to ruin the blessing of your child.

No matter how angry you may be,you must learn to exercise self-control while dealing with your child or children as it takes a lot of patience to be a parent, Never do or say to your child what you will regret all your life.

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