Do You Practice What You Teach Your Child?

There is a saying that “talk is cheap” which means it is very easy to say whatever you want since you are not billed for your words. When communicating with your child,impacting knowledge or guiding him or her through life do you make talk cheap? I mean very cheap?

You might be wondering how could you do that ” Make talk cheap” , it is very easy,this is simply by not putting into action what you tell your child to do. You can’t simply ignore to live your life in accordance with what you teach your child . Today’s children learn quickly from what they see rather than what they are told . To teach your child to be kind while you are wicked with your househelp or employees,your child know exactly what is going on.

I remember a phrase in a famous song which says ” practice what you preach” perhaps you know that phrase too. As parents you must realize that your kids learn faster from your action than what you tell them to do. Children decide what is wrong and right merely by observing you their parents.

Do You teach your child it is wrong to lie while you tell your child to tell the visitor you are not home when actually you are around. You are telling your child by your action that it is okay to lie. Do you discourage your child from fighting but yet get into a fight with your spouse or neighbor,so what exactly do you think you are teaching him or her.

Live your life in accordance with your teachings,don’t teach your child one thing and yet do another,the truth is that they might listen to your teachings but will not abide it. You must practice what you preach to make it easy for your child to value and appreciate the importance of what you are teaching him or her.

Once your child or children see you are a doer of your word ,they are likely to take your words more seriously ,so never make your talk cheap by not just talking but by abiding by the teachings and value you inculcate in your child.

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