How To Greet In Yoruba


The importance of greeting can not be over emphasized, I have written about the importance of teaching your child to greet in my previous post. Each culture as  their way of greeting and have their special words for greeting in their language.


Today,I will teach you how to greet in Yoruba,Yoruba is a tribe in Nigeria and Yoruba people can be found in different part of the world. So when next you meet a Yoruba person this is how to greet;


Good Morning is Eka Aro


Good Afternoon is Eka san

Good evening is Eka Ale

Goodnight is Odi Aro

Take note that when you are saying this greeting to an elderly person or someone older than you,you say it exactly the way it is but if you are greeting your age mate then it becomes;

Good morning “Ka Aro”

Good Afternoon “Ka San”

Good Evening “Ka Ale”

The letter “e ” is a sign of respect when addressing an elderly person.


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