Is It Wrong To Teach Your Son How To Cook

In the world where women are relegated to the kitchen while the men play the hero it is unusual to see the boy child in the kitchen learning how to cook. Some people still live in the dark age where it is believed that cooking is just for the female folk.

Dont be deceived!  gone are the days when the kitchen is meant only for the women,today we have lots of brilliant male chefs who prepare delicious dishes that even some women can not prepare.  There is nothing wrong in teaching your son how to cook, it will be useful to him both now and in the future.

When he is in the university he can always prepare meal for himself rather than feeding on junks and as a husband he would be able to assist his wife whenever she is unable to cook. Don’t teach only your girl child how to cook while you let your son go and play ball. There is nothing wrong with your son playing ball but he must also learn how to cook.

I have just Boys and I am already teaching them how to cook, since eating of food is not just for girls or women alone so they need to learn how the food is prepared. Don’t shy away from teaching your son how to cook,afterall what’s the big deal in cooking!

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