How To Keep Your Dishes Clean

A clean and neat  kitchen means you have to wash your dishes and cooking utensil and do not leave unwashed dishes overnight. Leaving your unwashed dishes over night brings about rodents in the home and in your kitchen, hence you should wash your dishes immediately after meal.

Sometimes you might feel a bit lazy about doing the dishes because it takes time to get it properly cleaned but all this depends on the type of dishwashing liquid you use. If you don’t have a dishwasher and have to wash your dishes yourself the type of dishwashing liquid you use it’s important,while some can make dishwashing a nightmare others can make it fun by cleaning the dishes as fast as possible.

Personally I use either morning fresh or mama lemon to wash my dishes while I use zip to wash my pots so I can have a sparkling pot. If you have this washing detergents where you live,try to get it and see how easy it can make dish washing.

A clean kitchen means healthy living,no one would love to eat a meal cooked in a dirty kitchen where you have unwashed dishes and rodents everywhere,so keep your kitchen clean all the time and make sure you wash your dishes after meal. Always make sure you have enough dishwashing liquid at home.

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