Airtime Giveaway Just For You


Today is yet another Friday and in the spirit of  giving back to you our readers,we welcome you to today’s Airtime Giveaway. Remember to join us every Friday here on the blog by and by 6pm-7pm on Twitter via our handle @Myregistrywed


Today, you need to put your finger to work as that is what would determine your winning! We are giving out the pins in full today, sometimes is a bit difficult going through all the comments and publishing the winners, so permit me to relax while you have the pin in full. Feel free to leave a comment if you win this morning or tag us and give us a shout out on Twitter .

Enough of the story abi? I know your fingers are already itching for the pins, the pins not written out in full will be released by 6pm on Twitter, so even if you don’t win this morning you still have a second chance in the evening on Twitter .


Are you ready? Here are the pins;

1.MTN – 7033243383944133

2.AIRTEL – 515377321004xxxx


4.ETISALAT -479679982030384


6.GLO -35231964xxxxx411


8.ETISALAT 7069xxxxx908217


10.GLO- 35231973xxxxxx2246


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