Airtime Awuuf Just For You!!

Today is yet another Friday , and I hope you all had a good rest during the holiday. As usual we will be giving away Airtime today. We would give out the first batch here and the second batch on Twitter. The pins that where not written out in full will be released on Twitter by 6pm today. Be smart copy out the pins and follow us on Twitter @MyRegistryWed to get the remaining part.


1.AIRTEL- 4639526385620531

2.ETISALAT-6766 9348 2953 227


3.GLO-50277 28590 95077

4.GLO-50277 29643 39918

5.MTN-4070 8332 1080 4396

6.AIRTEL-4354 9554 xxxx

7.MTN- 0186 4182xxxxx

8. ETISALAT -9039 6281xxxx

9.GLO-50277 20xxxxxx

10.MTN-1937 99xxxxxxxx

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