Are You Loyal To Your Partner?

Are you loyal to your partner


Loyalty is a strong feeling of support or allegiance. Loyalty in marriage comes in different form, one is the issue of infidelity which I have treated in my previous post  infidelity in marriage the way out and marital fidelity is reciprocal. Apart from marital fidelity, there are various forms of loyalty in marriage, are you loyal to your spouse?

Marriage today is faced with a lot of crisis,some of which are in-law conflict, financial conflict, fertility issues and so on.These crisis test your loyalty to your partner. When you are faced with issues in your marriage, how do you handle it? Are you quick to blame your partner for your marital issues? Do you take responsibility when things go wrong in your marriage?

For instance when your partner has conflicts with your parents and siblings, on whose side are you?  are you quick to take sides with your family and push your spouse to a corner. Truly, there are times when your partner might be at fault for the conflict with your family members but how do you handle it? Do you obviously show that your allegiance is with your family rather than your partner. In as much as your parents and siblings are very important, you must always remember that your loyalty must go first to your partner and as such you must handle the situation maturely so as to avoid divided loyalties.

Are you loyal to your partner when there is financial crisis in your marriage, do you stand by your partner , providing the financial support that you can or do you talk down on your partner, making he or she feel less a human. When your loyalty is tested at this time, would your partner be proud of you? or is it the time to tell the whole world that your partner has nothing and you start flirting with someone who is financially stable and can pay your bills? Truly, finance is very important in managing the household but you should know that it is in difficult times that you prove your loyalty and your worth to your partner.

Children are gifts, they are blessing in a marriage, the birth of a child brings joy to a couple, finally a couple can be referred to as mummy and daddy and be called by their child’s name. What of if this is not the case in your marriage and you still look up to the creator for this blessing in your marriage, will you remain loyal to your partner?
This indeed is a difficult situation and there will be pressure both from friends and family with different advice flooding in. Would you stand by your partner or would you give in to try another person or in some extreme case even totally abandon your partner and marry someone else?

Remember your marriage vows, you took this vow out of your own free will and not under duress, you promised to stay with your partner in Better or Worse situations. The storm  in your marriage is just for a little while, it is a phase that will surely pass away. You owe your partner loyalty , thus remain loyal to your partner no matter the challenge you face in your marriage and together you will both overcome the storm in your marriage.

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