Always Do This When You Upset Your Partner

Unhappy couple not talking after argument at home in living room
Unhappy couple not talking after an argument 


Marriage is full of ups and down and it is not unusual for your partner to upset you. Even siblings upset each other but the most important thing is how you resolve it and how long it takes you and your partner to resolve it. To succeed in marriage , you need to be humble, there is a saying that pride comes before a fall. Thus, do you wait for your partner to always say sorry even when you are at fault just because your pride won’t let you apologize ? Remember someday your partner might be fed up with it all and would refuse to apologize to you, what would you then do? Before it gets to that point, be humble, learn to apologize to your partner when you upset him or her, be remorseful and be prepared to turn a new leaf.

Find a way to make up with your partner immediately you have upset your partner, don’t go to bed having grudges for each other, remember never let the sun set over your grudges. Are you the type that totally ignores your partner when you upset him of her and waits for your partner to get over it ? It is wrong Do not ignore your partner and assume that your partner will get over it without you apologizing and asking for forgiveness, even though your partner gets over it without your asking for forgiveness, dear friend it is never the best for your relationship. You must always own up and take responsibility when you offend your partner and do not play the victim by behaving as if the situation was caused by your partner when you know that it is your fault.

Don’t be the type of marriage mate who instead of apologizing to your partner will rather bribe your way through either by buying an expensive gift or preparing a sumptuous meal for your partner. There is nothing wrong in doing this but you must do the right thing first by apologizing. Never ignore your partner and wait for your partner to get over the upset, your partner knows what you are doing and may decide to pay you back in your own coin someday.

Be humble, apologize, seek for forgiveness and makeup with your spouse immediately you upset your spouse.

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