Importance Of Making Your Partner Your Topmost Piority


Marriage is a union of two people who place a high value on each other and who also wants to spend their lives together forever. Obviously no one would like to spend their time with someone who cares less about them much more spend a lifetime with that person. Hence, to make your union enjoyable and make your partner look forward to each day of spending their life with you, you need to show in words and action that he or she is topmost in your life.

Some marriages have crumbled because at a point in the marriage, one of the partner felt neglected and felt valueless in the marriage. You must always make your partner see that he or she is topmost in your mind, make your partner your number one piority everything else comes second. Give your partner the attention he or she deserve, carry your partner along in what ever decision you take, never sideline your spouse even if you know he had little or no contribution to make to your decision. No one would want to spend their life with someone who treats him or her like a doormat or a second fiddle.

Always let your partner see that he or she is your topmost piority, show more affection and care, never allow your self to be consumed in your work to the extent that you place your job above your spouse’s interest. Never assume that you know what your partner wants, always communicate daily to find out his or her needs and fulfil this needs efficiently.

Are you starving your spouse of emotional needs? or  are you the type that feels you know it all and hence need  not to consult with your spouse before taking a decision?Remember that a spouse left all by him or herself or feels neglected may seek for care and attention outside the marriage, which of course means trouble for the marriage. What if your career  takes  all your time and leaves you with barely no time to spend with your spouse? If that’s the case you definitely  need to evaluate your job and be sure the job suits your present marital status.

When your partner knows he or she is your topmost piority, your partner would value your relationship , treat you well and accord you the respect you deserve, not only would he treat you well but he would also cherish your relationship and treat you Special. It is your partner’s right to be treated as your first piority. Pamper him or her and go all the way out to show them that you value them, only then will you make it easy for your spouse to reciprocate the love ,affection and attention you’ve shown to him.


16 Replies to “Importance Of Making Your Partner Your Topmost Piority

  1. My neighbors husband was transferred to another state, instead of the wife to follow her husband she was more interested in her career, now the man has impregnated another girl and the woman had herself to blame

  2. I was once interested in my business, I didn’t have time for my husband but when I notice my house help wanted to usurp my position, no one told before I retraced my step.

  3. My Inlaws are angry with me because of the piority my husbands give to me, they say have used something on him but how is it difficult for Inlaws to understand that the wife must come before them

  4. Men are like babies, any shift in attention and affection from them they would start complaining, they want to be pampered at all which might not be easy to do all the time because of other responsibility the woman is faced with in the house

  5. My husband complains I don’t carry him along in my decision but anytime I tell him what I want to do, he must find fault with it, this discourages me from telling him my decisions

  6. My husband will always say am his number one but yet he can’t take any decision without consulting his mother

  7. My husband is always traveling from here to there, he barely spends time with me and yet he will telling me he is working so hard because of me. I have been complaining but he is not ready to change

  8. My husband keeps complaint that I don’t do the cooking by myself, that I don’t do his laundry and clean his room , yet am a working class wife. I got a help but he stills complain. He is my main piority but what he wants his not realistic except he wants me to quit my job which I am not even ready to do

  9. I have a very serious problem with my wife , she respects her mother more than me. She will quickly do what her mother wants without baiting an eyelid but if it is me, it’s a long story

  10. Imagine I don’t know what my wife earn but yet she knows what I earn, I really don’t understand why she hides it from me

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