Does Your Partner Threaten Divorce?


Petition for divorce.
Petition for divorce.


Marriage is both a source of joy and tribulation, it is a mixture of sweet and bitter experience but in all of this you must be determined to make your marriage work, regardless of the challenges you are facing. When the originator of marriage instituted the first marriage it was never with the intention for it to be a temporary union that couples will jump into and jump out if it’s not favorable rather it was meant to be a life journey .

Sadly today, the rise in number of divorce has shown that many couples are not ready to endure the bitter part of marriage, they are fast to dissolve their marriage for the unknown reason called irreconcilable difference. For many whose marriage is so dear to them the idea of divorce is a nightmare. If you hold your marriage in high esteem, then it should be of great concern to you if your partner uses every opportunity to threaten divorce. Do your partner threaten divorce when you argue or yell at each other? If this becomes a habit, then there is trouble looming.

You must call your partner’s attention to this threat, find out why your partner always make a threat. Look for a convenient time to have a heart to heart talk to discuss about your partner’s view of your marriage, find out from your discussion if your partner still hold your marriage in high esteem or does he or she feel getting married to you was the worst decision he or she has made ? From your discussion you will be able to know if your partner still values your marriage, values you or is just enduring and managing you.

It is very important to have this discussion and evaluate your marriage with your partner as a constant threat from your partner is a bad signal and could eventually lead to divorce if not handled promptly. If your partner does not mean it but only says it out of anger, you must advice your partner to stop confessing such negative words into your marriage. Remember that you and your partner always have to girdle your tongue because hurtful words can easily tear down but takes time to build.

Be determined to make your marriage last for as long as you both are alive just as you have vowed. Work together to conquer whatever challenges you face in your marriage. Trust in your creator to help you walk through your marital challenges and Never ever make divorce an option in your marriage.

6 Replies to “Does Your Partner Threaten Divorce?

  1. You are very correct MRW , that was how my wife started threaten divorce any little argue we had, well I didn’t take it serious, I just felt well you know women and their sharp tongue until it became a reality. I always tell anyone who cares to listen that if your partner starts singing divorce like a song you should be on alert.

  2. I and my fiancée are about To be married and have promised each other to make our marriage to work especially because we are both from a broke home

    1. Whether you promise each other or not makes no difference, when you enter then you will know. Please save us the story

  3. Honestly my own take on this is never beg a partner that wants to go to stay, they will only frustrate or kill you.

    1. @dolapo what nonsense are you saying? Are they babies? Or did anyone force them to marry. Marriage is a life thing so they should stick together no matter what they face . Is people like you that jump out at the slightest challenge

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