You Can Survive The Storm Together

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If anyone told you that marriage is a bed of roses or has given you that impression, kindly dismiss it. The honest reality is that marriage is full of ups and down.No two marriages are the same, hence, what would work for couple A might not work for you. With this in mind you should never compare your marriage to anybody’s own. Even though marriage has its challenges but if you handle those challenges very well, you and your partner will over come it.No marital relationship is all rosy but you can make it rosy by making a choice to keep it, fight for it and make it work no matter the storm. If you can’t imagine your life with anyone else other than your partner, you will definitely work together to withstand any storm you face in your marriage.


No matter how difficult the challenge you face in your marriage, refuse to give up, make a choice that happiness will dwell in your household, be determined to walk all the step with your partner despite your partner’s shortcomings.Remember that you also have your shortcomings, easily forgive your partner of any err he commits during your marital storm and love your partner more as this will make it easier to face your marital challenges without easily giving up. I want you to know that those couples you admire whom their marital life seems so perfect, it’s because they have handled their challenges maturely.


The power to overcome your marital storm is in your hand, walk all the step with your partner, be determined to overcome the challenges in your marriage, don’t pack up your bag and leave during your marital storm rather be ready to fight and survive the storm with your partner .

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13 Replies to “You Can Survive The Storm Together

  1. If I should start recounting the challenges I have faced in marriage, it is countless but I come out of each challenges stronger and better

  2. My friend who got married a year ago has already called it quit, all my plea fell on deaf ear, she wasn’t ready to pass through any pain in her marriage. What a pity

  3. Young ladies of these days are not ready for marriage, they always feel because their husband use to buy them, sharwama, ice cream and so on, that is how their marriage will be. A little problem they will run

  4. I stood by my husband when he lost his jobs for years, those were extremely difficult times for us but today u am glad I did

  5. Those who can not weather the storm with their spouse are those who married for the wrong reason

  6. When I and my wife was looking up to God for a child, I and my wife supported each other. Even as I was being pressurized to try another woman I refuse. Everyone said I have been charmed . Today God has bless us with 2 beautiful children.

  7. My first wife left me when I had no money and packed in with my best friend. Now the table has turned and she has been coming to beg me to take her back. That is impossible

  8. Most marriages break because they can’t handle their problems rather they look for a way to get out.

  9. My marital storm started when a woman in my neighborhood wanted to date my husband , that was really a tough time for me but I thank God for handling the situation

  10. My househelp almost rendered my marriage useless, I have learnt my lesson and vowed not to allow anyone come between me and my husband

  11. I don’t really want to struggle with anyone, before I got married I struggled and suffered with my fiancĂ© but when he got work at oil company he dumped with out thinking twice after struggling with him for about 8years

  12. I thank God for the type of wife he gave me, very ready and willing to support me all the way. I love her

  13. My sister who supported her husband all through their hard when things wan not going well, what thank you did she get from the husband, it was a second wife. What wickedness

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