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There is a saying that “as you make your bed so you must lie on it” and marriage is no exception. Marriage is both a source of joy and tribulation and you alone can decide through your actions if your marriage should be a source of joy or tribulation for you. When you acquire a new gadget, you go through the manuals to avoid making mistakes and damaging your gadget this also can be applied to marriage. Below are 5 Don’ts that will guide you to avoid making marital mistakes, you must avoid them in your  marriage in order to have s successful marital life;


  1. Don’t share a  separate room with your spouse. I really don’t understand why you want to share a separate room with your spouse. Even if both of you have your separate rooms make it a habit to sleep together at night. Sleeping together helps you and your partner to bond.
  2. Don’t ever start your day without you and your partner praying. I strictly recommend this, it works for me, infact any day i and my partner doesn’t start the day by praying together somehow something goes wrong. So we barely miss it. Praying together help you surmount whatever challenge you are facing in your marriage. There is no better way for couples to start their day, if not by  praying together.
  3. Don’t miss communicating daily. The hustle and bustle of life especially in the urban city can exhaust couples with little or no time for each other to communicate. Hence, it is imperative you make it a principle to communicate daily with your spouse.You must know about your daily activities, if it means just taking out 10 mins  everyday to have a quality discussion before you go to bed, that will go a long way in sustaining your relationship.
  4. Don’t go to bed without settling your quarrel. In marriage having differences with your partner is normal even siblings do but you must make it a guiding principle never to go to bed without settling your scores. Prolonging of quarrel between you and your partner can be very disastrous and detrimental to your marriage.
  5. Don’t ever forget that your first piority is your partner.Never make your partner a second fiddle while you place pursuit of wealth and fame as your first piority.

11 Replies to “5 Don’ts For Couples

  1. If husband and wife can follow thisvrules it would be better. Today’s marriage is full of cat and mouse living as husband and wife.

  2. Though I share same room with my spouse but we don’t really get to bond as he is either watching sports or news

  3. My husband don’t miss praying with the whole family in the morning before going to work but when he comes back he is too tired to pray with us before going to bed

  4. Till now I must confess I feel shy telling my husband what I want in bed, can’t just get myself saying it

  5. There was this time I quarreled with my husband, normally when we quarrel we make sure we settle it at night before sleeping, perharps because it is me that always beg. So on this fateful day I decided he must be the one to beg and when he didn’t the quarrel lingered on for almost 2months. During this period he started having an affair. To cut the long story short we went out different ways . Till today I regretted and tells everyone don’t ever allow your quarrel with your spouse get beyond a day.

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