Reasons You Must Give Gifts To Your Spouse


Have you ever thought of giving your spouse a gift? Do you find it challenging getting a gift that your spouse will like? Does giving of gift in your marriage make any difference?of course everyone loves gift, hence gifts are indeed an important part of a relationship,it is a medium for couples to express their love, affection and appreciation for each other. A gift say thousand things without speaking and is a binder in any relationship. Remember that it is not how expensive the gift is that matters but the generosity of your partner. It is a psychological fact that when we exchange gift with a person , the bonding with that person deepens,thus, giving your spouse a gift deepens the bond between both of you.A gift is a wonderful adhesive that bonds relationship.Words can not convey intents or thoughts adequately but gifts can.
Some people would argue, that giving of gifts is a materialistic show- off of feelings but let me say this, everyone would rather prefer to spend their hard earned money buying gifts for themselves rather than for someone else except that person means something to them.Hence, when we give a gift to our spouse, that indeed is an expression of our feelings and binding with our spouse. Never make it a habit of giving  gifts as a bribe for your wrong doing as this would destroy the purpose of gift-giving in your relationship and make the gift valueless before your spouse. Do not wait for celebrations or notable occasions before giving your partner a gift. Make gift giving a part of your relationship as it’s importance can not be over emphazised.

14 Replies to “Reasons You Must Give Gifts To Your Spouse

  1. My hubby is very good at giving me gifts but the only problem that is either on my birthday , Valentine or our anniversary that he gets me gift. Though I appreciate but it’s not that surprising because of course I know he will get me gifts on these days, I would be more excited if he can get me gifts when there really is no crlebration. I guess I will value it more.

  2. My wife always want and appreciates expensive gift but I really can afford the type of gifts she will like, so I decide not to buy any for hef at all, instead of buying her what she will not appreciate

  3. I think women loves gift more than men,anytime I want my mum to support my wife , I just tell my wife to get very expensive and irresistible gifts and that works the trick for us.

  4. I wonder why the only gift my girl gives me is boxer and singlet but yet she always wants very expensive gift. That’s not fair at all

  5. In my office everyone wonders why my boss likes me but they don’t know the little secret, it is gift. I spend half of my salary every month to buy him gift, not that he asked for it but I need to have peace of mind at work and secure my job. I am hardworking though before anyone crucify me but one always has to go the extra mile.

  6. It has become a rule in my home to give gift every end of the month, I give my husband, he gives me, we give the children and the children in turn will give us their gift in their own way. Always very interesting and we always look forward to it

  7. Though my wife complains about me not giving her gift, well I have never really taken it serious, I felt it was just a waste of money and there really wasn’t any need for it. Thank you for this post.

  8. There was this girl having been asking to be my girl for sometime now but she is always proofing difficult. The day I got her an iPhone 6 as gift, you would not believe the way she hugged me and immediately accepted to be my girl, the power of gift

  9. My sister’s husband is an expert when it comes to using gift to cover for his wrong doings. The day my sister caught her red handed having an affair, the next day he bought her a car, just imagine. My sister was quite excited about the car that she just forgave him. I was very angry, imagine using gift to bribe his way through. For me that is a wrong way of gifting.

  10. I love gifts Infact I am obsessed with it, may be because my husband has spoilt me with it right from when we were dating. Infact I am so obssessed with it that once when he forgot to give me a gift like he does every end of the month, I fell sick and was hospitalized.

  11. My woman is very materialistic and I try to reduce it by not getting her a gift. I don’t know if I am wrong but that is my decision as I am tired of her buying this and that even when she doesn’t need it.

  12. I want to know is gift love, my girl complains all the time that I don’t buy her gifts but I really don’t believe I need to give her a gift for me to show her I love her. My friend spoils her girlfriend with gifts and very expensive ones at that but yet he cheats on her at every opportunity he gets. Though the girl doesn’t know but we the friends know. So you can just imagine it. Me I don’t buy gifts but I am faithful but yet she doesn’t appreciate it.

  13. You can get to my heart through gift, very expensive gifts like Gucci bag,expensive designers bag and shoe plus gold jewelry 24k wow that’s my best and I will forgive you of any sin.

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