10 Facts You Must Know About A Married Man

I will treasure my wedding ring, my vows and forever be commited to my wife
I will treasure my wedding ring, my vows and forever be commited to my wife

There is a saying that marriage is not a bed of roses but knowing some fact about married men can help you cope better and let you know you are not alone. Most wives sometimes start to feel that they don’t understand their husband any more and that this wasn’t the man they dated, well below are some general rules about married men, though there could be an exception with some men.

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If your man exhibit any of this trait don’t be fast to pack your bag, just know it is not really peculiar to him and the next man you move to might still do  the same.

  1. No married man loves his wife being the Breadwinner except if he is extremely lazy and has no self esteem and ego.
  2. No married man wants his inlaw to live with them especially his mother in law.
  3. A married man likes a clean home.
  4. A married man likes to be treated as a king, he wants to be pampered and given attention .
  5. Most married men have extra marital affairs.
  6. A married man keeps to himself and get irritated easily when broke.
  7.  A married man likes s3x and BJ and wants his wife to give it to him without complaining.
  8. A married man likes his first child to be a boy.
  9.  A married man likes a spiritual wife, a wife that will always pray for his success.
  10. A married man want to be in control of his home, he does not want a wife that competes with him or earn much more than him.

11 Replies to “10 Facts You Must Know About A Married Man

  1. My sister in laws can stay with us but a No No for my mother inlaw, they seem to poke nose into your affairs with their daughter

  2. Anytime my husband starts keeping to himself and gets angry at every little thing regarding finance, I just know he out of cash

  3. I have six girls and life hasn’t been funny at all, my husband is the first son and according to their tradition he must have a son, my Inlaws have put me through a lot and my husband isn’t helping matter either

  4. I and my best friend gave birth to our first child the same day, I had a boy while she had a set of girls. The husband was just frowning all through. I really don’t get why some men do not appreciate the pain we go through right from pregnancy till birth instead they more bother about if it’s s girl or boy

  5. My husband once told me when I was pregnant with my first child that if it’s a boy he will buy me a car and if it’s a girl he will buy me a gold earring. Can you imagine that

  6. Most young ladies now wants to date a married man cause they will take better care of them than the young guys

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