Reasons You Must Value Your Marriage Vows


The marriage institution is facing a stormy time now than ever before. This day it even seems that the wedding ceremony Outlives the marriage. Couples today lack patience and waste no time to jump out of their marriage when faced with challenges, it always seems to them that the fastest solution is to quit.couples are not ready to tolerate each other, Infact some marriages have two captains in it due to the gender equality spirit. In the olden days much value was bestowed on marriage and as such couples strive to keep their marriage, they have a resilience spirit and tolerated each other’s shortcoming, hence marriages lasted longer those days. Most importantly was the fact that they understood and respected their marriage vows. Do you value your marriage vows? This is a very important question that so many couples have neglected for so long, I bet you that most couples give no thought to the words in their marriage vow especially when faced with marital challenges.
What do you think the “worse” in your marriage vow mean? You vowed to stay with your partner during worse or very difficult times in your marriage , so why are you so quick to chicken out at a slight challenge in the marriage. Or what do you think the worse in the vow stand for? Do you think it stood for your partner changing from tea to coffee ?
Why do you find it difficult to walk through your marriage issues with your spouse or did you take those vows just to fulfill all righteousness?

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When your partner is going through a difficult time physically,emotionally,spiritually or financially, do you support your partner and seek solution on how to resolve this problems or do you look for how to get out of the marriage and in the process dent the image of your partner just to get sympathy and so no one blames you for dumping your partner. What if your partner lies against you to the world and blames your marital issues on you, do you think you would have kept your vows and show you respect and value the marriage institution by staging a revenge to destroy your partner’s image? What you don’t know is that there is no way you can’t dent your partners image without destroying yours, there is a saying that when you point a finger at someone the remaining four fingers point back at you. So think twice before doing this to get people’s sympathy.

Remember that the “Worse” in your marriage vows signifies that there would be unbearable situations in your marriage, there would be a time you would feel you made a bad choice of partner, it means there would be a time you would be pushed to the wall, it means all negativity you may face in your marriage, some may even be unimaginable but remember that you said in your vow that even when it is “Worse” you will stick to your partner, so why are you complaining up and down and looking for how to jump out of the marriage.

The only “worse” not acceptable in marriage is infidelity though you can still forgive your partner and continue with your marriage. Learn to Respect your marriage vows and live by it, stick to your partner during the though times only then can you and your partner enjoy a successful married life.

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