Career Vs Family Which is More Important?



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In life we all wish and pray for success in what we do, no one wants to be static in what ever they do, be it career wise or in business . There is an innate desire in humans to succeed, so therefore it is no surprise that people strive to be the best at what they do in order to be successful. The question is, to what extent should you strive to be the best at what you do especially in regards to your career? Should you dedicate your whole life to your career at the expense of your family? Which is more important to you, your career or your family?

True, we all need money to survive and the competition out there is very tough, hence the need to put in one’s best in order to succeed . Sadly, some people do not know where to draw the line between their work and their family.There is a misplaced priority between work and family, some do not realize this until it backfires. No one is saying that you should not put in your best into your work but please take note that this should never be at the expense of your family. You must always remember that work will come and go but your family remains, I bet you that 30-50 years from now you will not be in that job you are doing right now and when you leave that work that matters so much to you now where will you go to? Of course to your family.
You must learn to appreciate your family, provide time and attention for your spouse and children if there is any, no matter what you bring to the table, your spouse needs your attention, if you don’t give it they will get it else where except they have the fear of the creator in them.Being the breadwinner does not suffice, it doesn’t take away the fact that you should spend quality time with your loved ones. Sometimes you become so busy that you neglect things you regard as being little which are very important to your partner. Wives most especially you should never give up your roles in the house to someone else just because of your career. When I was in paid employment, one of the top management staff a woman in her fifties, says she doesn’t have a help and that she prepares and serve her husband her food, can you imagine that, this is someone who can afford zillions of house help but she knows the importance of balancing her career life and her family life. Every man wants to feel like a king no matter how much you as the wife earns and contributes to the family. It is very unfortunate that the economy of today has made most couple to be involved in the rat race with little or no time for their family.
No matter your position in your career, or you are a star or celebrity, your family is your backbone and not your career.

If you like travel from south to west, east to north, remember that as wives there is a limit to what you should aim for in your career, if you like argue it but when it backfires don’t say I didn’t warn you. Do not sacrifice your family on the altar of your career. No one can love you and care for you like your family. Your career may come and go but your family still remains. Make out time to prepare dish for your spouse, don’t always complain of tiredness when he wants it, don’t give him attitude because your earn more or foot most of the bill. Be there when he needs you. Don’t delegate all the roles to someone else, he married you not that person. He would have remained single if he didn’t need you in his life. Fulfill that role in his life. Likewise you husband, give all your attention to your woman, appreciate the little she can do and say NO to extra marital affairs.
Remember you and your partner can lead a successful marital life if you don’t have misplaced priorities.


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