5 Mistakes Ladies Make When Choosing A Marriage Partner


The number of ladies keeps growing every day and it seems balancing the ratio of ladies to men seems far away. Ladies seems to out number the young men or do I say the number of ladies ready for marriage seems to out number the ratio of men that are ready to tie the knot. This has put so many ladies under pressure both from friends and family members to settle down quickly. It becomes more worrisome especially when the lady is in her late 30’s. Have you ever wondered why some ladies are unmarried at their age even with their beauty, or why most of their friends who is not even as beautiful as they are have settled down and they are still on the search of Mr Right.


The increase in the number of single ladies who have reached the age of marriage and are frustrated still searching for the bone of their bone is so worrisome. Some of this ladies when it seems there is no hope and age is no longer on their side start looking for who to blame, some have even blamed their mother or family members for not being able to find Mr Right.Some ladies will tell you that they are being witch hunt. Dear ladies before you start looking outside for who is witch hunting you, have you checked inward? Perhaps, you are the one witch hunting yourself. Most ladies are not yet married not because they didn’t or never had a suitor but because they did one or all of the following mistakes listed below ;

1. Setting unrealistic goals for a future partner. This is one common mistake many young ladies make especially in their early 20’s but before they realize this mistake and face the reality , age is no longer on their side. Part of their unrealistic goals will include wanting a partner that is Tall, dark and handsome or perfect who hardly make mistakes, no one is saying that wanting such for your future partner is bad but you have to be reasonable and realistic. If 99% of your suitors don’t even come close to this criteria why must you still keep it as a yardstick for choosing your partner, you only decide to change it when your friends children start calling you Auntie. Think again about your goals for choosing a partner before it is too late.
2. You want A made Man. This is another costly mistakes ladies make, I remember when I was in paid employment , there was a colleague of mine that has a financially stable husband, most of the younger staffs envied and look up to her, most times I have over heard them saying they would want to marry a financially stable guy like her husband. There is really nothing bad in wishing for this but the truth is that my colleague started from the scratch with her husband, I know this because I have worked with her longer than every other person but the younger ladies are just looking at the present. The truth is most made men are already married or into a very serious relationship. Why not start from somewhere with your man and who says he cannot be made when you get married to him.
3. You want a man with the highest level of education. You will be surprised that some lady use this as a yardstick, they see a man they love but perhaps because he isn’t as educated as they are , they will never give him a chance in their life. They are afraid of what the society will say or what their friends will say. The truth only dawns on them when years down the lane they are still single and the so called not educated man is happily married with kids and his also doing well financially. Be sensible don’t destroy your future by yourself.
4. You want a Man from Your Tribe. Honestly there is nothing wrong with this as it’s always advisable to choose a partner that you both understand your culture. But what if the larger percentage of your suitors ain’t from your tribe, don’t you think is time to readjust your yardstick? or do you wait till no one comes around again before you realize your mistake?
5. You want a partner that share the same faith with you. Honestly, I am one of those people who are very strict when it comes to this, I had always grown up to believe and still believes that it is always very important to marry someone you share the same faith with because I have seen families divided because of their different faith. The truth is as a lady you alone should know when to change the tune to this rhythm so that you don’t end up becoming a grandma in your parents house.

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6 Replies to “5 Mistakes Ladies Make When Choosing A Marriage Partner

  1. My parents were against us marrying outside our tribe and this affected my senior siblings, I was stubborn , I married someone outside our tribe and I have never regretted it

  2. My dad was extremely religious and right from when we were young we were made to believe it was wrong to marry outside our religion. As I grew up, I strongly believed in this too but as my time was ticking fast and I was entering my late 30 , I had to tell myself the truth. Even though my father refuse to bless my marriage when I fell in love and married outside my denomination but today I am happy I took that decision.

  3. My best friend has been dating a guy for 5 years, when the guy proposed her mother insisted she must marry someone from their tribe because her aunt who married from that tribe had a bad marriage. All plea to convince her mother turned on a deaf ear. I adviced her to go ahead and marry the guy that later her mum will come to terms with it but she never wanted to go against her mother’s wish, now after 10years she still not married and she is already in her 40’s. Everyday she regret not haven taking the bold step then to marry the guy. Ladies wise up

  4. I was a victim, in my case I was just too choosy because I was very pretty. Thank God I finally found a man for myself

  5. I always tell my siblings it is good to listen to our parents but always remember you will be the one to remain single forever if you keep on obeying and do not marry a man you love because of our parents intangible excuses

  6. What matters most to me as I look out for a suitor is a godly man, a man with vision, humble, tolerance. All other things doesn’t matter

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