Do You Have “My Money,Your Money” Attitude?




Problems and attitudes regarding material things can divide a couple in various ways.Sadly some couples are disrupted by arguments and over money and the desire to be rich or atleast a little richer. Divisions may arise when both mates work secularly and cultivate “my money, your money” attitude. Even if arguments are avoided, when both mates work they may find themselves with a schedule that leaves little or no time for each other. A growing trend today is for husbands to live away from their spouse for extended periods all in pursuit of more money than they could ever earn at home. This can lead to serious problems .

No rules can be laid down for handling these situations, since different couples  have to deal with different pressures and needs.Needless struggle can sometimes be avoided by consulting together. This involves not merely stating one’s view but seeking advice and finding out how the other person looks at a matter. Further working out a realistic budget can help to unify couple’s efforts. Sometimes it is necessary, perhaps temporarily for both mates to work outside the home to care for added expenses, especially when there are children or other dependents. When this is the case the husband can reassure his wife that he still has time for her.


However keep in mind that while money is a necessity it does not bring happiness. Indeed, overemphasis on material things can rob you and your spouse your joy and perhaps cause marital problems. You and your marriage mate must be modest and moderate in your pursuit of money , you must learn to consult with each other about your family necessity and totally avoid divisions that bring about “my money, your money” attitude.

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6 Replies to “Do You Have “My Money,Your Money” Attitude?

  1. Husband and wife needs love ,understanding and total openness to each other, if this exist then they won’t have money problem

  2. Most men hide what they earn from their wife but yet expect their wife to tell them theirs . I believe men should be more opened to their wives

  3. When my wife had no job, I was providing everything even given her pocket money apart from the feeding money for the family but when I loss my job and she got a very good job everything changed. From her attitude and the fact that she seizes every opportunity to insult me. Well I know I will soon get another job but am just surprised at her behavior because of money.

  4. I and my husband understand each other very well, Infact when it comes to money matter we don’t have any problem at all. We agreed and had a joint account to run the family , so every month my husband contributes 70% to the account while I contribute 30% and from the account we take care of the family needs. Hence we do not have any need to quarrel about money.

  5. I think most people are really getting it so wrong with money. They worship money and make it their God. When money is not put in its proper place in marriage that it when it becomes a third party in marriage causing more problems than even the ones Inlaws can cause.

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