How To Handle Differences In Marriage



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It is normal for couples to have differences in  their marriage, even siblings do but the way and manner in which these differences are handled can make or mar your relationship with your spouse. Below are how couples can successfully handle differences when they arise in their marriage.

1.Communicate Calmly and Precisely

Many find it difficult to remain calm when they discuss hurt feelings, misunderstandings, or personal feelings.Instead of straightforwardly saying: ”I feel misunderstood” a spouse may get emotional and exaggerate the problem. Many will say: ” You only care for yourself” or, ” You don’t love me”. Not wanting to get involved in an argument , the other spouse may refuse to respond.

2. Settle Differences Timely

One happily married couple, on reaching their 60th wedding anniversary, were asked the secret of their successful marriage. The husband said: ” we learned not to go to sleep without settling differences, no matter how minor they may have been. Hence, it is very important that you and your spouse handle your differences daily, Infact just like the above couple explained, never go to bed without settling your differences no matter how minor it maybe. When smaller issues or differences are left unhandled it may degenerate to Bigger issues which might become unresolvable.

3.Learn To Apologize

When a husband and wife disagree, each one should be swift about hearing,slow about speaking, slow about wrath. After listening carefully, both partners might see the need to apologize. Saying with sincerity ” Sorry for hurting you” takes humility and courage. Handling differences in this manner will go a long way in helping a married couple not only to solve their differences but also to develop a warmth and intimacy that will make them find more pleasure in each other’s company.


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