This is Exactly When You Should Quit Your Marriage



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Many times I have heard or see couples go their separate ways after what seems like a beautiful marriage and when asked the reason for the separation , they simply say due to irreconcilable difference. I have always wondered what those words meant, irreconcilable differences? Is this irreconcilable differences enough for you to quit your marriage? An institution honorable before God and man?  Are you sure these difference can’t really be sorted out or you are quick to look for the exit door rather  persevering to solve the issue at hand?

Remember marriage is both a source of joy and tribulation and when you took your vows you sure agree with me and knew that there were going to be worse situations in your marriage and that was why you said the vow ”for Better for Worse”

It is time to quit only if the irreconcilable difference has to do with infidelity and the partner involved is not remorseful and not willingly to change, at this point it is acceptable for you to quit but not compulsory as there has been cases of spouses who put up with such partners and their marriage turned  out successful.Instead of quitting in some situations that exclude infidelity such as having a partner who has become destitute because of gross laziness and bad habits or gamble away the family’s income or use it to support an addiction to drugs or alcohol and have refused to change or is extremely violent towards you, you can seek for a legal separation.

This is better than quitting your marriage entirely because you can still make up again with your partner , hence do not quit or leave your marriage on flimsy excuses as the only acceptable ground for divorce is infidelity and really there are no rules. You can still forgive your spouse and enjoy a successful married life.


7 Replies to “This is Exactly When You Should Quit Your Marriage

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  2. Am loving this post o, most time it’s celebrities that are so quick to jump out of their marriage and really because of non issue

  3. I once had a friend she was always putting up as if her marriage was perfect , me every little issue and fight I had with my hubby I will table down for her. I use to envy her not knowing the fire burning her is nothing compared to my own . Sooner or later everything dabaru. I later learnt is because my friend was always borrowing to put up a fake life and the man was tired of paying for debts . Just imagine. May god see usthrough in our marriages

  4. I advice every woman in a domestic violence marriage to get out now before it is too late, like adviced in the post , go and seek for legal separation. Don’t wait to be sorry

  5. Young men and ladies of this day lacks patience, no one wants to suffer at all, when the going is good they stay but a slight change like this they won’t even blink an eye. Marriage is not a bed of rose, it takes maturity and patience. But a lot of people marry for the wrong reasons this also contributes to it.

  6. Infidelity is difficult to forgive but men has turned their wives to doormat on the issue of infidelity whereas they can’t stand their wife cheating on him

  7. Maturity, understanding , patience is needed in marriage, a lot of people font understand the meaning of the vows they took

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