5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Write off Yourself Because You Are Struggling



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Many times I feel sorry for so many people who are suffering or struggling and not enjoying any peace or comfort in this life.
Many are unhappy, frustrated, discouraged and weary of their lives; tired and unwilling to try new things, different things or consider alternative options in their journeys through life.
Many today have lost hope, their dreams of yester years remain just dreams without the possibilities of realising any of them.
Many today remain subjected to the life of survival, labour and benevolence.
Life is hard, goes the thinking, things are difficult goes the believe, it’s not easy to succeed goes the conviction. Many today have just given up on life; their dreams and hopes and unfortunately,keep working very hard and desperately to make ends meet and remain alive and well.
Many times when I begin to speak and challenge my audience about their opportunities and possibilities in life, I sometimes hear some make statements like ‘let’s face the reality’ and they begin to throw up many excuses and what ifs and why so, and It keeps me wondering why it is so difficult for many to know what they call reality is really not the reality and what they think is mere thoughts or wishes or the impossible are really the realities.
See, let me break this down. Someone would say to me, life is tough and things are difficult. This situation exactly is the beauty of life, it’s the excitement and the thrill of living.
You see mankind is designed to thrive and prosper in the atmosphere of difficulties and challenges.
The reality is, without challenges, mankind can’t survive. A man without any problems or challenges will eventually lose his mind; he will be bored, idle indulge in dangerous things and eventually self-destruct. As mankind we are built up, developed, strengthened and inclined to succeed through adversity.
So the reality is mankind needs problems and adversity and tough times to really Prosper. A man not tested and tried can’t handle greatness and glory. Problems and challenges are needed for success. That’s the reality. Check history, the greatest of men passed through the toughest of times and challenges.
Not having a clear understanding of the place and purpose of pain in your life will cut you off from the possibilities of excelling in life!
Another reality many can’t comprehend or have ceased to believe is how powerful they are.
Many underestimate their personal strength and possibilities. Listen, there is nothing you decide and desire to do within the permits of nature that is impossible. Whatever you can’t do or achieve is your decision not a reality.
You see, you have unlimited access to creativity and possibilities through the gift of your mind. The human mind is the most powerful force and place on earth.
Everything you can see, relate with, handle and make use of today, originated from the mind of a man.
All inventions, solutions, business empires, nations and concepts started from the mind of someone. The mind is the centre of the world. Life ceases toexist without the mind. The future of this world, the future of mankind will not happen tomorrow, it’s already existing now in the minds of those shaping tomorrow. There is no future without a mind to create it.
The power of your future does not lie in your tomorrow, it lies in the quality of your thinking today.
The future you desire is created by your thinking today. The quality of your thinking today determines the quality of your experience tomorrow. Anything your mind can create, you can experience.
Now too many of us today don’t even trust our minds. We don’t believe in what it’s capable of, so we don’t bother putting it to excellent use.
Many of us have degenerated our human capabilities and potentials to the level of instincts and senses.

Our lives today is all about what we feel and sense not what is possible. Average people think self-preservation and soul-satisfaction, great people think possibilities and solutions.
You see the potential of the mind is to infinity. The possibility is endless. The instance men begin to think there is nothing more to create, the mind of someone proves this wrong and confirms to us, were just beginning to see all that is possible with using our minds.
You see, every man’s mind is endless in potential and possibilities, but can be very restricted when starved with the only ingredient for imagination and creativity.
This ingredient is knowledge. Knowledge! The mind cannot produce if it has no knowledge to work with. You can’t think what you don’t know. Your imagination, dreams and solution thinking are drawn from all you’ve learnt and you know through education, exposure and experience.
Your mind would then blend all you’ve acquired in knowledge, fertilise it and begin to produce great ideas and solution through an excellent blend and application of all you’ve known.
What your mind produces through the effective blend of knowledge is called wisdom.
Wisdom is the principle thing, Wisdom is the ability to apply appropriate knowledge to a situation and obtain expected results.
When you’re struggling with anything in life, the fault lies with no one but the extent and quality of your knowledge about the subject matter.
Very similar to when you were at school. Mathematics is not difficult for anyone who knows it, chemistry is a piece of cake for anyone who knows it; further maths is so simple for anyone who knows it. You don’t fail a subject because it’s tough, you fail a course because you lack adequate knowledge about it.
When you fail a subject, be sure there are people that passed it very well, so the problem is not the subject, it’s the limit of your knowledge and understanding of it.
When you face challenges in life, you don’t blame the problem or the challenge, what you do is increase the quality and quantity of the knowledge your mind has to process and fertilise in order to produce the right and adequate answers and solution for the challenge.
You really don’t have financial problems, what you have is financial knowledge problems, you don’t have relationship problems, what you lack is relationship knowledge, you do not have career problems, what you need is enough knowledge and understanding of how career works.
These same issues you’re struggling with, there are people all around you doing so very well at them just like back in the days at school when some score ‘As’ at subjects when some other students score Ds and Fs.
Now don’t write off yourself because you’re struggling at something, your mind is more powerful than any problem confronting you right now.
You are intelligent, creative, you have answers, you can solve any problem, you can be anything you want, you are superior to any challenge or problem, what you lack is enough knowledge to surmount that challenge. This may be so because you’ve been ignoring the knowledge required for solution hence, you’re ignorant.
Ignorance is when you ignore the needed knowledge required by your mind for solution creation.
Stop holding everyone and everything else responsible for your issues and problems, stop ignoring knowledge, embrace it. Increase your knowledge, surmount all obstacles, your life can be better than this, you can be richer, happier, you can become more successful, respectable, relevant and significant, it’s all in your mind and the quality of what you know. Seek knowledge, use your mind.
Let your superiority complex kick in. You are much better than this, move from ‘Ds’ to ‘As’ in various aspects of your life. Yesyou can do it, Go ahead and succeed.

Written By: Muyiwa Afolabi


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