Tips On How To Change The Thorns In Your Marriage To Roses!




The first time we met it was love at first sight, we couldn’t stay a day without each other. He was my world , my dream man. I could die if he leaves me .

Are you familiar with this? When you started dating your spouse , am sure this was the exact way you felt. He or she was your everything, you could do anything, just anything to be with this person. If he or she has said no I won’t marry you, perhaps your life won’t have been the same. Years down the lane these whole feelings have flew out of the window.
After years of being married, you are no longer attracted to this person, you feel like you need a new relationship to jack you up and make you feel young again. This same person that years ago you would have given your head and leg to be with , now irritates you. Have you ever wondered why?
The truth is Romantic love never last, that is the type of love described onset. Yes, romantic love is very important in any relationship but it is never enough to make it last. Have you ever wondered why you never got tired of your parents and sibling while living with them for several years more than you’ve even spent with your spouse? This is because the type of love that binds you and your parents and sibling is Agape love, it is a love that is unselfish , real love that does not look for its own interest but that of others. When you have Agape love , you show more interest on your spouse, look for ways to successfully handle marital issues, do those things you do when you were courting that brought you two more closer.
Marriage is filled with both joy and tribulation and it is only when you have this type of love that you will be able to appreciate your spouse and work together to make your marriage successful.

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