The Male Perspective :What Makes A Wedding Great

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Turns out, guys could care less about centerpieces and ceremony decorations! Feed them some good food, get them buzzed, guarantee a great dance party, and they’ll be raving about your wedding for years to come. How do we know? We asked five real guys to tell us what makes a great wedding.
The party scene
”It’s all about the music mixed with a fun crowd. There’s nothing like going to a wedding that feels like a big party. When everyone is dancing and singing along to those memory trigger songs that remind you of hanging out with your boys or girls back in the day.” — Corey
A couple that likes to cut loose
”Our wedding was amazing because we were on the dance floor the entire night and so was everyone else. Guests want to be where the bride and groom are. My wife and I aren’t enthusiastic dancers, but on our wedding day you would have thought differently. The only breaks we took were to rehydrate.” — Dan
The other guests
”A great wedding begins with the people. I’ve been to raining weddings, loud weddings, weddings that were cold and weddings that were hot. They were all great and memorable because family and friends were there to root for the bride and groom.” — Jason
A good guest experience
”When you attend a wedding that focuses just on the couple, especially if the couple or one of them is a bit self-centered to the point of making the day completely revolve around them, it gets extremely uncomfortable for those in attendance. For example, I once went to a wedding where we were all forced to wear the same color (white) and the DJ only played indie songs the bride and groom were into. Not exactly the best time.” — Zane

The food and drinks
”In my experience, the better the food the better the wedding. And of course, an open bar always wins me over! I’m pretty easy.” — Jay

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