Infidelity in Marriage: The Way Out




Marriage should be a blessing not a burden but the true reality is that marriage is the source of both joy and tribulation. Today, marriages are faced with a lot of issues ranging from money, in-law conflict, communication and so forth. Most disturbing among marital issues has been the issue of infidelity,it brings a marriage to a breaking point. How sad!


If you have definite proof that your marriage mate has been unfaithful, how do you deal with such a trying situation? Will you continue in the marriage or get a divorce? Well, there are no rules. Most times dissolving the marriage may seem to be the easiest way out, but is it the Best option?


Though the only acceptable ground for divorce with the possibility of remarriage is infidelity. Do you know that some spouse have completely forgiven their cheating partner who has genuinely repented and their marriage have turned out well. Have you thought about your children, do they worth saving the marriage for? Clearly, the decision either to dissolve or save your marriage is totally up to you. Which ever you decide, carefully weigh your decision before taking any action.

If however, you learn of the infidelity of your marriage partner and afterward resume s3xual  relations with your mate, you thus indicate that you have forgiven your mate and desire to continue in the marriage.

No one should be a busybody and try to influence your decision, nor does anyone has the right to criticize your decision when you make it but remember that you will have to live with the consequences of what you decide.


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